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Transport Phenomena

Heat and mass transfer in biological/environmental/industrial applications, microfluidics/nanofluidics, complex fluids, interfacial phenomena/wetting, additive manufacturing

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Current Funded Research

Paul Chiarot 

  • CAREER: Additive Manufacturing using Electrospray Printing of Nanoparticle Inks - National Science Foundation
  • Electrospray Deposition of PTFE Coatings - Schick Manufacturing Incorporated
  • Electrohydrodynamic Atomization of Fuels Using Charge-Injection for Efficient Flameless Catalytic Combustion at Small Scale - American Chemical Society

Paul Chiarot (PI) and Peter Huang (Co-PI)

  • Perivascular Transport of Solutes from the Brain - National Institutes of Health

Scott Schiffres

  • I-Corps: Additive Laser Metal Deposition onto Sillicon for Enhanced Electronics Cooling-National Science Foundation
  • CAREER: Intermetallic Interfacial Thermal Transport for Advanced Electronics Manufacturing - National Science Foundation
  • Next Generation HVAC Adsorption Compressorless HVAC Using Advanced Materials - EthosGen LLC
  • CHIRP: Minimizing Thermal Interfacial Resistance in Heterogeneous Integrated Integration (HI): A Benchmarking Study and Production Tool (Proposal Number W32613)-Purdue University

Xin Yong

  • Mesoscale Modeling of Stimuli-Responsive Composite Colloids at Oil-Water Interfaces - American Chemical Society

Xin Yong (PI), Paul Chiarot (Co-PI), Tim Singler (Co-PI)

  • Inkjet-Electrospray Hybrid Printing: Understanding the Processing-Structure Relationship - National Science Foundation.
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