Welcome to Dickinson!

Welcome new Dickinsonians!

Congrats for choosing us! Res Life has 6 on-campus residential communities that give our large campus a "small college feel." We think Dickinson is the best place to live! Here is some info to get you started:

Where am I?Dickinson is across from Admissions Center with easy access to The Union and a short walk to the Lecture Hall and Bartle Library.

  • Where's a good place to study?

    Each residential community has a “Success Center,” where you can study alone or with friends! Our success center is located in C4 (Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center) and shared with Newing. There are group and individual places to study, plus computers and printers for anyone to use — just login with your PODS I.D. The Emerging Leaders Program and Public Speaking Lab are located here as well. 

  • Where can I eat?

    Dickinson's dining hall is right down the hall and downstairs from the Success Center in C4 and also shared with Newing. There's lots of seating inside and a patio outside. Food options include The Grill, Sandwich Station, Pizza & Pasta, Salad & Soup Bar, Simple Servings (healthy options) and Kosher Korner. There's also a Nite Owl (called the Nowl!) open for late night snacking featuring chicken wings, fries, mac 'n cheese bites, mozz sticks, milkshakes and more! 

    Our campus has four dining halls and you're welcome to use whichever you want! The MarketPlace in The Union is right across the street along with Dunkin' if you need a caffeine fix. For the best bagels in town, check out Einstein Bros Bagels near Bartle Library. Find out what dining options are open.

    Have dietary restrictions or concerns? Check in with one of our campus dieticians.

  • Who can I ask if I have a question?
    Chances are, Dickinson's area office is a good place to start when you have a Residential Life question. If you're locked out, have a housing question or need to find a staff member, this is the place to come. Here you'll find offices for your Assistant Director of Residential Life (AD), Don Albrecht, Area Secretary, Tina Bucinell and Faculty-in-Residence, Sarah Bull. Your Area Coordinator (AC) or Community Director (CD) offices are here too. The Dickinson area office is in the right side of C4, down the hall from the Success Center in Room 128. 
  • Other professional staff that can help you:

    We've got a lot of staff members here! Get to know your Resident Director (RD) and Assistant Residential Coordinator (ARC) who live in CIW, are typically in the office during the day (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) but do have some evening and weekend hours for meetings and programs. Their offices are on the first floor of every building.

    RDs are full-time professionals who are in charge of one building in your community. ARCs are part-time professionals and full-time graduate students. Their office hours may vary, you can email them for an appointment. Both RDs and ARCs oversee day-to-day functions of the building, help organize community gatherings, work with residents and supervise student staff. If you have personal concerns, inter-personal issues or concerns about your room/building, this is where you can go to get resources to support you!

  • Is there staff in my building after hours?

    We have a variety of undergraduate student staff that live in the same building as residents. They can help you navigate campus, find friends and connect you to resources. They will be your best advocate and support within Dickinson. They will reach out to let you know about floor meetings and community gatherings.

    The staff office is typically on the first floor of your building. This will be staffed with rotating shifts who will be in the office from 8 p.m. until midnight every night and will have a phone # posted to call after hours. If you're locked out of your room, have an urgent maintenance issue, need kitchen or sports equipment or just want to talk, any of our staff will be happy to help.

  • Where can I hang out with friends?

    Dickinson has a great room and lounge on the first floor of every building where we'll be hosting community gatherings. It's also a GREAT space to find new friends and hang out. Each building also has a full community kitchen on the first floor where you can cook or make snacks for friends. There are lounges and study spaces in each building. Dickinson Quad is a great outdoor space to hang out with a sports field, hammocks and swings. Check out the Dickinson Object (a oversized sculpture by a Binghamton alum) for a great selfie spot.

  • Can I see a room?

    Yes! Show rooms are available to tour – check with your orientation advisor.

  • How do I receive mail?

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