Personal Training

Personal Training

You can purchase personal training services online

Customize your fitness with personal training services. A nationally certified personal trainer will develop an effective, results-driven exercise program that is individualized to your goals, health history, current fitness level and schedule. All services can be purchased online anytime throughout the year.

Why hire a personal trainer?

  • Education. You will receive the latest information about current recommendations for cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training according to the American College of Sports Medicine. A personal trainer can provide expert advice on programs ranging from weight loss to improved sports performance. 
  • Motivation. A personal trainer can help you stay motivated by setting attainable goals and holding you accountable to reach these goals. You'll be challenged, encouraged and empowered!
  • Avoid injury. A personal trainer can ensure you are performing exercises correctly and efficiently in a program tailored to your specific needs and goals. 
  • Fun. A personal trainer adds variety to your exercise program, keeping your workouts fun, interesting and effective.

Personal training services are available to both fitness members and non-members. All Binghamton University undergraduate and graduate students receive a 20% discount on personal training services!

Our trainers

Our personal trainers are certified through a nationally accredited organization, the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Binghamton University Campus Recreation has partnered with the ACE to provide the highest quality of education to our student staff of personal trainers. 

The educational partnership program ensures we have a staff of highly trained, credentialed fitness professionals ready to make meaningful and positive contributions to the health and fitness industry.

Any individual who trains clients in the Recreation Center must be employed by Campus Recreational Services. Violation of this policy may result in loss of access to the facility for the clients and the unauthorized trainer/instructor.

Our services

All personal training sessions include a free mini-assessment, which includes a blood pressure screening, resting heart rate, height, weight, BMI, circumference measurements, flexibility, postural analysis and basic movement screening. 

Fitness assessment options

It is important for you to know and understand your current level of fitness so you can set realistic goals and track your progress. We use TrainerMetrics technology to identify health risks, assess fitness status, identify appropriate health improvement programs and track all outcomes. 

Deluxe Assessment $28*

Includes all elements of the mini-assessment, plus muscular strength and endurance testing, aerobic fitness testing, and a full movement screening. (60 minutes)

*Add a Body Composition Assessment to a Deluxe Assessment for only $5 more!

Body Composition Assessment $22.50
A comprehensive analysis of BMI, circumference measuring, bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), and a 7-site skinfold measurement. This package also includes a free blood pressure screening! (30 minutes)

One-on-one personal training

Available in FitSpace, the pool or virtually

Each client will receive an initial consultation and assessment to discuss health and fitness goals as well as determine their current fitness level (initial purchase only). Each program will be personalized to the client's specific needs and goals. 

1 Session $45
One session of personal training and a fitness consultation/mini assessment (with initial purchase).
6 Sessions $180
Six sessions of personal training and a fitness consultation/mini assessment (with initial purchase).
12 Sessions $304
Twelve sessions of personal training and fitness consultation/mini assessment (with initial purchase). 
Workout Redesign $28

Includes exercise program redesign and tutorial for experienced exercisers who want professional help on progressing their exercise program (available for those who have previously purchased at least one personal training sessions or a deluxe fitness evaluation).

Small group training

Small group training is an affordable and fun option to accommodate 2-3 people who have similar goals and are interested in working out together. The exercise program will be designed to meet the needs of all participants. All members of the group must be in the same COVID-19 social bubble.

1 Session $28 per person
Includes a group fitness consultation, mini group assessment and one small group training session with a personal trainer.
6 Sessions $135 per person
Includes a group fitness consultation, mini group assessment and 6 hours of small group training.

Get started

Ready to take the next step in your fitness journey? Visit the front desk at the East Gym to purchase any personal training service. Students with a valid Binghamton University ID card receive a 20% discount! Virtual training options are available for your convenience and comfort.

What to expect as a new client

  • You may indicate a preferred trainer or preferred trainer gender at registration. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests; however, they cannot be guaranteed. Assignments are made based on client goals, fitness levels and schedules.
  • You will receive a personal health questionnaire to complete during registration. It will take approximately five business days to process your information after the questionnaire is completed and returned.
  • A certified personal trainer will contact you directly to schedule your first appointment. Your trainer will e-mail you pre-testing instructions at least 24 hours prior to your assessment.


Cancellation policy: If a client wishes to cancel an appointment, they must contact their trainer directly at least 24 hours prior to their appointment. Failure to do so will result in a lost session.

Late policy: Trainers are required to wait 15 minutes for registered clients. If after 15 minutes the client has not contacted the trainer directly or through a staff member of Campus Recreation, the trainer may choose to reschedule the appointment, but is not required to do so. Sessions that begin late due to the late arrival of a registered client will end at the originally scheduled time.

Group training cancellation policy: If one client cancels within 24 hours of a scheduled group session or simply does not show, the session may continue with the remaining client(s). The session will still count toward the package balance for each of the clients.

Expiration policy: All services must be completed within one (1) calendar year of the service purchase.

Refund policy: Clients wishing to obtain a refund must request so in person. Full refunds are considered only during the first seven (7) calendar days of membership. Thereafter, applications for refunds will be considered for the following reasons, provided proof is also submitted: medical or departure/withdrawal from Binghamton University. Refunds will be prorated if services have begun in the first 7 days (consultation/assessment, sessions etc.).A $20 processing fee will be assessed for these refunds.