Networking Projects

ITS Networking Projects

Recently completed projects
A project to fully upgrade the campus core routers, switches and backbone was completed during the Spring 2017 semester. This gives the campus core backbone 40 Gbps capabilities, and ensures that we are running the core of our network on a new, modern platform.

Wireless access points in the Newing Residential Community were upgraded during the summer of 2018, allowing for greater throughput on the WiFi networks in this area. Network switches were upgraded to a newer platform in both the Hillside and Susquehanna residential communities.

During the summer of 2017 a pilot outdoor Wi-Fi unit was installed on the western face of the University Union. This will allow our Wi-Fi Analysts to gain feedback on outdoor WiFi usage to better plan a larger project to deploy this technology around the main University campus.

A new, state of the art data network was deployed at the newly constructed Smart Energy Building.

Upcoming and In-progress Projects
A project to upgrade our gateway routers and switches, used to peer with our internet providers continues. This will allow us greater throughput capabilities with the commodity internet and research and education networks.

New border firewalls have been purchased, and will be installed in place of the current campus border firewalls. These provide security protection between the internet and campus networks.

Planning will begin soon for an upgrade to the Technology Hub Main Campus Data Center network. This project will ensure that we are on a future-proofed platform, with 100Gbps+ capabilities.

Planning for the new Pharmacy Building at the Johnson City Health Sciences campus continues. This project will include a state of the art data network, as well as a redundant fiber optic ring.

Users of the Binghamton University data network are required to abide by the Binghamton University Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy.