For non-teaching professional staff and postdoctoral associates

New York State's SUNY unclassified professional service was created in the 1970's for the unique needs of SUNY as a degree-granting institution with academic and professional positions not applicable to state tests; instead, higher-education degrees are a required part of qualifications for professional positions.  SUNY unclassified staff in non-teaching titles include UUP Professional and Management Confidential staff.

Employment guidelines for professional employees are based upon the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees. In addition, UUP Professionals are represented by the Professional Services Bargaining Unit within the United University Professions (UUP).

Policies & Procedures

Professional Appointments

Classification and Titles

UUP Professional employees and Management Confidential Professional employees are appointed within  SUNY-wide Professional Titles. Often, there is also a campus title describing the employee's campus role within a particular title.   The campus job description and performance program includes more detailed information tailored to the department and the employee's unique responsibilities.

Management/Confidential Professional Employees

M/C professional appointments (administrative) are at the discretion of the campus president and are not represented by a union.  The M/C group, as defined by the Taylor Law, includes New York State employees with a variety of backgrounds and expertise, encompassing a broad range of occupations. In this group are policy-making managers, middle managers, and specialists in fields as diverse as education, law, computer science, medicine, administrative support, and law enforcement. The Taylor Law, while it authorizes collective negotiations for most of New York State's public employees, does not permit M/C employees to organize or to bargain collectively on terms and conditions of employment due to the nature of the work their positions require, as defined by that law.  More information can be found on the website for the New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations (GOER).

UUP Professional Employees

Both Faculty and Professional employees (except for M/C) are covered under the UUP contract.  This section addresses topics for UUP Professional employees.

Types of UUP Professional Appointments


Temporary appointments are generally given when service is to be anticipated for one year or less, or when the employee's initial appointment is made to a position vacated by a professional employee who is serving a probationary appointment; or when a position has been vacated by an employee on approved leave. A temporary appointment may be terminated at any time.


A term appointment is an appointment for a specified period, usually one year but not more than three years, that automatically expires at the end of that period unless ended earlier because of resignation, retirement, or termination. Most term appointments are renewable on an annual basis for the first seven years leading to permanency, if eligible.

Non-renewal notice dates are a minimum of 45 days for part-time, 3 months for first-year full-time term employees, 6 months for second-year full-time term employees, and one year for full-time term (third-year and beyond) employees.


A permanent appointment continues until a change in title, resignation, retirement, or termination.


A probationary appointment must be granted for a one-year period to a professional employee holding a professional title when the employee is appointed to a different professional title. A probationary appointment may be terminated at any time, in which case the employee usually retains the right to return to the former title.

Appendix A

Article XI, Title D, Section 6, of the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees lists titles under Appendix A that are not eligible for permanent appointment. Examples include Director titles. Initial appointment is for one to three year terms; after completion of three years, terms are for five years. Non-renewal notice dates are the same as for regular term appointments.

Appendix B

Appendix B titles were created during bargaining with UUP for the 1999-2003 Agreement. These titles are used for term appointments within the athletics area only, are not eligible for permanency, and are from one to five years in duration. The non-renewal notice date requirement for titles included under Appendix B-1 and B-2 are 6 months. For titles included under Appendix B-3, non-renewal notice dates are the same as for regular (non-Appendix) term appointments.

Appendix C

Article XI, Title D, Section 6, of the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees lists titles under Appendix C that are not eligible for permanent appointment. Examples include Fundraising titles. Initial appointment is for one to three year terms; after completion of four years, terms are for three years. Non-renewal notice dates are the same as for regular term appointments.

Professional Recruitment

Professional recruitment on campus is subject to Affirmative Action guidelines and is directed by our professional search process.   

Performance Programs and Evaluations (UUP)

Due dates vary depending upon the employment status.  For overall guidelines, see:    Overview and Schedules

Professional Development

For discussion of career goals and assistance in resume development, explore the Career Coaching Services through the Joint UUP/Labor-Management program.  

For other opportunities and resources, see our Professional Development page.

Salary & Other Compensation

Accruals:  Time and Attendance (Leave Records)

In accordance with the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees, professional employees earn vacation, holiday and sick leave. Maintaining leave records is required to certify attendance and assure that we are correctly accruing these important benefits.

Please complete and sign, along with your supervisor, your quarterly time records each month. You will want to keep a copy for your records.  The original is sent to the Office of Human Resources quarterly.  For instructions and forms, see our Time and Attendance page.


As employees of the State of New York, we are not eligible for NYS short-term disability payments; instead we earn leave accruals to help retain pay status during approved absences.  Leave policies include many situations and have various options for paid or unpaid leave. Please visit our Leaves of Absence page for more information.

Alternative Work Options

Click here for work schedule options.

Resignations / Separating from Service

Professional employees who intend to leave the University should give 30 day's notice to their supervisor and Human Resources whenever possible.  Information regarding final paycheck, balance of contract or vacation payout if applicable, end dates for benefits programs and other concerns can be discussed with Human Resources.

Phased Retirement Program

UUP and M/C Professional staff can arrange ways to transition from full-time employment to retirement by reducing their work percentage over a year or more.

Professional Staff Senate (PSS)

The Professional Staff Senate (PSS) is the officially recognized organization of professional employees at Binghamton University. PSS consists of elected members who represent the concerns of constituents via a calendar of regular meetings. 

Employee Discount Programs

Click here for information on employee discount programs.

Binghamton University is a tobacco-free campus.