Permanent Appointment Process


The basis for permanency is in Policies of the Board of Trustees and the UUP Agreement

On the Binghamton University web site, you can refer to the Division of Administration Policies and Procedures section which addresses permanent appointments for UUP professionals.


  • Seven years of full-time UUP eligible professional service (including temporary) are required for permanency recommendation.
  • The last two years served must be in the same budget title.
  • Part-time service does not count toward permanency.
  • Interruptions of permanency clock include leaves at partial or no pay.
  • Appendix A, B, and C titles cannot gain permanency.
  • Prior service credit from another campus (up to three years) may be requested at the time of appointment with the current campus.

Permanency Recommendation Process and Timeline

The decision process begins approximately 16 months prior to the projected permanency date (due to the one-year required notice date).

The department conducts a thorough employee evaluation, including secondary sources and recommends permanency based on the positive evaluation.

A recommendation cover memo is attached to the supporting documentation, including the evaluation, and is forwarded from the department head to the Dean or Director, who forwards to the Vice President or Provost with a copy to Human Resources. The employee should also receive a copy.

Once approved, Human Resources forwards the information to the President's Office, where the recommendation to the SUNY Chancellor is signed.  Human Resources processes the necessary additional paperwork and forwards the recommendation to the SUNY Chancellor.

Once approved, the department processes a "Data Change" HR Form, with the future effective date, changing the employee's assignment status from "Term" to "Permanent".

The Chancellor's office approves the request and sends the letter of permanency to the employee, with directions to sign the letter and forward to the campus President.  The letter is then provided to Human Resources, where the  permanency letter is retained in the employee's official personnel file.