F.A.Q. and Referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if a course transfers into Binghamton Univeristy?

Binghamton Univeristy has a webpage to see all of the pre-approved course equivalencies. If your univeristy or class of choice is not listed, you can fill out a PTTACAAI and include the course syllabus for apporoval. If the course is to fulfill a major specific requirement, the form requires a department signature. If it is for a GenEd then the form only needs to be signed by the advising office. This form should be filled out prior to taking the course to ensure that the credits will be accepted. Transfer courses must be taken for a letter grade and have received a grade of C- or better.

  • How do I go about choosing and adding a minor?

Ideally, students should choose a minor that they are passionate about. Most minors require around 6 classes, and so students should want to learn about the material. Students can also look to see if there is any overlap between their Gen-Ed credits and possible minors. For instance, if you are looking to minor in Sustainable Engineering, it would be advantageous to take ENVI 101 as your G credit since this would be applicable to fulfilling the minor requirements.

Once you have chosen a minor, applications are generally found on respective department websites. Some departments may want you to fill out a google form, others may want you to fill out a paper form and either email it or return it to their office in person.

  • I transferred my credits from another institution, how come I don't see them in my Degree Works?

To transfer credits from another institution, an official transcript must be to Binghamton. This can often be done directly in the student portal of the other institution and often has a fee of about $5. If this is not possible, students can request a copy of the official transcript and email it to the registrar office.
Sometimes transfer credits can take up to 6 weeks to be processed. If this time period is exceeding and you still do not see the course in your degreeworks, please contact our office.
It is also possible that the course was not on the course equivalencies website or was not approved using a PTTACAAI.

  • Where do I find what I need to take in the upcoming semesters?

All engineering and Computer Science students have course guidesheets. Major requirements vary depending on year of entry, so make sure to select the correct year for you. Your catalog year can be found on your Degree Works

Students are urged to stick to this schedule, however, it is important that sudents take note of when courses are offered (fall, spring, etc). It is also important to make sure that students are fulfilling prerequisites for their upcoming classes. If a student is ahead on their degree they can certainly take classes in earlier semesters than they appear on the guidesheet, as long as all prerequistes are met. It is also important to consider a student's financial aid status, as a certain amount of credits/degree applicable credits are required each semester.

  • How do I find my major GPA?

Major GPA's are listed on Degree Works at the top of your major requirments. The credits that are calculated into your major GPA vary from major to major.

  • When does course registration open up for the next semester (or winter or summer)?

Summer registration began on March 10th.

Fall registration begins on March 27th. Be sure to check your time ticket on BU Brain for the date and time your registration begins.


Our office does everything we can to help students with any issue they face. However, there are times where departments other than Watson Advising are better suited to handle a particular issue.

Resume, interview, and internship help

Watson Career and Alumni Connections
Location: Engineering Building L-Pod
Email: wcac@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777-5202

Questions about financial aid?

Financial Aid Office
Location: Admissions Center 112
Email: finaid@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777-2428

To make sure that any transfer credits have been received

Admissions Office
Location: Admissions Center
Email: admit@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777-2171

Registrar's Office

Student Records and Registrar's Services
Location: Admissions Center 112
Email: registrar@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777-6088


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Location: Whitney Hall 122A
Email: mathoffice@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777 2147 or 2148


Physics Department
Location: Smart Energy Building (SN) 2202
Email: physics@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777-2217


Chemistry Department
Location: Smart Energy Building (SN) 2104
Email: cgrewer@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777-2517


University Tutoring Services
Location: CIW Library
Email: tutoring@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777-9235


University Counseling Center
Location: Old O'Connor 264
Access the UCC Health Portal
Phone: (607) 777-2772 

Student Transition and Success

Success Coaching
Location: Appalachian Hall Room G17 
Email: sts@binghamton.edu
Phone: (607) 777-5007