COE Course Guidesheet 2019-20

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These suggested course tracks are based on undergraduate requirements from the class entering in the 2019-20 academic year. These are only suggestions, refer to the University Bulletin for the official requirements for each major.

For archived requirements refer to the University Bulletin. Select the desired year, then click Link to Resource under the heading View Online. 

For more information on graduate-level requirements go here.

Any course not listed as "Professional Elective" requires signed approval from a Faculty Advisor on an Audit Exception Form – available from Watson School Advising Office. 

  • Discipline Description

    Computer engineering (CoE) is one of the core engineering disciplines. The roots of computer engineering lie in electrical engineering and are enriched by computer science. A computer engineer analyzes and designs electronic circuits and components, microprocessors and software, and integrates hardware and software into larger systems. Computer engineers work in many industries, including aerospace, automobile, computer, defense, electronics, information technology, networking and telecommunications.

  • Accreditation

    The bachelor of science program in computer engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

    The program provides a balance between hardware and software and between theory and application. It prepares graduates for a dynamic career in computer engineering by providing you the skills and knowledge for success. A large number of laboratory-based courses in the curriculum provide hands-on learning opportunities. The faculty are dedicated to providing the environment and opportunities required for you to succeed.

Our curriculum is excellent preparation for graduate studies. For qualified undergraduates, we offer a five-year program that leads to both a BS and an MS degree in computer engineering or a BS in computer engineering and a master of business administration. More >> 

Year 1

Engineering Design Division - The freshman year is common to all engineering majors


General Education Elective (A, G, N, P, H)



General Education Elective (A, G, N, P)


Year 2

Final three years of computer engineering major



Year 3 



General Education Elective (G, P, A, N, H)

Year 4


Technical Elective I 

General Education Elective (G, P, A, N, H) 


General Education Elective (G, P, A, N, H) 

Professional Elective I

Technical Elective II

ECE Technical & Professional Electives

For the EE curriculum, a total of two (2) technical electives and two (2) professional electives are required.

For the CoE curriculum, a total of two (2) technical electives and one (1) professional elective are required.

This section gives guidance on approved technical and professional electives. Students may also obtain permission to take other electives from their advisor, provided a strong case is made. 

*Pre-Approved Technical Electives for CoE Majors 

Non-required CS courses; CS 300 and above

EECE 400 – 486 

Non-required core courses 

*Pre-Approved Professional Electives for EE and CoE Majors 

Course Availability/Descriptions

ACCT 321 – 475

ASTR 321 – 475 

BCHM 321 – 475 

BIOL 321 – 475 

BME 300 - 499 

CHEM 231 – 499 

CS 300 – 390, 400 – 472 

ECON 321 – 475 

EECE 400 – 486, 491, 496 

GEOG 321 – 475 

GEOL 321 – 475 

ISE 211, 231, 300 – 486 

MATH 300 – 386, 400 – 489 (except Math 327 & 447) 

ME 211, 273, 274, 300 – 494 

MGMT 321 – 475 

PHYS 323 – 342, 411 – 474