Undergraduate Forms

Watson Academic Honesty Policy

Independent Study Form

Petition to Take Courses at Another Institution

Use this form to petition a course from another institution be accepted to fulfill a requirement at Binghamton. Both your major department and the Office of Student Services must sign these.

Engineering Summer Internship Form

General Academic Petition Form

Use this for:

  1. Course Overload
  2. Watson Internal Transfer
  3. Any exception to academic policies, including grade option change after withdrawal deadline
  4. Taking graduate level course for undergraduate credit
  5. Double degree within the Watson school.

Grade Option Change Form

To change grading option to pass/fail after the add deadline.

Online Late Course Add Petition

Request a waiver from the late add deadline.

Online Late Course Withdrawal Petition

Request a waiver from the late drop deadline.

Section Change Form

Use this form when you are simply moving from one section of the same course to another. (section 01 - 02)

Binghamton University Release of Student Information

New Undergraduate Course Proposal

If you would like to withdraw from the semester, you must meet with Watson Advising.