Allen's Creek Site

From 1993 to 2006 crews from the Public Archaeology Facility (PAF) at Binghamton University conducted cultural resource investigations along NY Route 36 in the Village of Mount Morris, Livingston County, New York. The project, sponsored by the Department of Transportation, called for road reconstruction, utility placement, and new curb installation along the roadway. PAF crews identified the Allen's Creek precontact site (SUBi-1427) during the Phase 1 reconnaissance survey. The site was situated on a terrace above the flood plain of the Genesee River and Canaseraga and Tuscarora Creeks, adjacent to Allen's Creek, at an elevation of 183 m (600 ft) ASL. Precontact peoples used the Allen's Creek site area throughout the Late Archaic and to a small degree during the Transitional period. Settlement here ranged from as early as 3500 B.C. to approximately 1100 B.C. Evidence suggests that the site represents a series of camps re-occupied on a seasonal or periodic basis. It is also possible that the site served as a base camp. The activities in the investigated area focused on stone tool manufacture and maintenance, hunting, hide processing, and the extraction of mast resources.

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