Energy Conversion Devices & Integral Vision (ECD-IV) In Line Defect Inspection Tool


This tool, a Flex Tech funded project to ECD Corporation and Integral Vision, was delivered in Fall 2007 and includes: a two component system with a web inspection "head" and a web handling system. Inspection consists of a width of 6" (extendable), and a target defect size to detect: ≤ 1 to 5 micron, scratch detection algorithm ( ≥ 1 x 10 um), web location tracking and mapping of defects, selectable pass/fail sensitivity, web handling widths up to 24", 6" core roll diameter, 12 to 200 micron thick interleaf materials handling capability. Potential projects with this tool include: characterizing and cataloging defects, incorporating existing catalogs (AIMCAL defect lexicon, Orbotech & FDC work, etc.), testing defect generation due to basic handling scenarios, member-defined substrates to inspect, member-defined cleaning processes to test, member-defined processes to test for defect generation, and defining a base system to test. The Team is developing an alternative processing system for this platform consisting of both hardware and software. Efforts on this project included an analysis and evaluation of the processing needs for real-time analysis and the development of parallel software components on the multicore computing platforms used for the camera data capture and pre-processing system and a central server for the final defect detection and analysis.