Optomec AJ 5X

Optomec AJ 5X Aerosol Jet

AJ5XThe Optomec AJ 5X Aerosol Jet utilizes an aerodynamically focused ultrasonically or pneumatically atomized stream of ink in printing process for materials with 1-~20 cP and 1-~1000 viscosities, respectively. A broad range of materials and viscosities (conductive, resistive, and dielectric) can be printed over and onto complex surfaces at high resolution (~10 ┬Ám). This system supports motion in 5 axes, and eases printing with an alignment camera, 300x300 mm vacuum platen with heating up to 1000 C, large stand-off distance (>3 mm), and conformal deposition. An 830 nm CW IR laser of 80 um spot size with 1 W power for in situ sintering and an UV lamp for in situ curing are stationed with the printer.