General Vacuum/Bobst High Vacuum Coater

general Vacuum

The Bobst High Vacuum coater was delivered in March, 2009. The system has the following specifications: interleaf capable; no front surface contact, web width: 550mm (21.6"), coating width: 520mm (20.5"), Core dia: 152mm (6"), web thickness: 12 to 200 um, max Roll dia.: 525mm (20.7"), uniformity: ≤ ±3%, speed: 0.01 to 10 m/min, base vacuum: ≤ 1E-6 Torr, complete recipe control and data logging, dual rotatable cathode, 2 x DC/DC-pulsed cathodes, and tension: 14 to 215 Newtons. The tool is used as a secondary metal deposition tool in support of the CHA tool which will be dedicated to ITO, and amorphous silicon. The system is equipped with two Al (aluminum) targets. Both Al and aluminum oxide coatings have been made on PET and PEN and member company-provided materials. In collaboration with Technical Advisory Board input, Chrome (Cr) and Copper (Cu) targets have been approved as part of the technical roadmap; targets were ordered and received. Work has begun with "Etched In Time, Inc." to build a Si (oxide and nitride) plasma etch that will be installed in zone #2 of the three process zones. This project results from a Flex Tech Alliance funded project to Etched in Time.