Wet Line Tools

Kraemer Koating Cleaning/Wet Process Tool

This tool is on site, but has not yet been brought into service, as funding is being pursued to bring the tool on line. Once functional, it will handle 6" to 14" widths, is designed for cleaning and/or wet processing, can recirculate w/cascading possible, handles 0.2 to 10 FPM, and 0.5 PLI to 1.6 PLI. The tool will be used for pilot-scale web wet processing such as cleaning, develop, mild etch and strip. 

Hollmuller-Siegmund Wet Stripper/Developer Tool


The CAMM has acquired a developer/stripper system from Endicott Interconnect and built by Hollmuller/Siegmund. The first tool (all polypropylene construction) is used to develop the photoresist and clean web substrates. The team has equipped the tool with a set of Northfield Automation web handlers. The system has been refurbished with a PLC system, repairs to electrical and plumbing subsystems and new computer and a process operating system. The tool has the following specifications: webs up to 15" width, wet develop, strip and mild etch processes in four process zones and four rinse zones and an air knife dryer. The second tool has all stainless steel tanks. Both were formerly used to process DuPont Riston photoresists.