CHA Industries High Vacuum Coater

CHAThe Flex Tech Alliance funded CHA Industries of Fremont California to develop and build a high vacuum R2R coater for the CAMM. The system's modular design allows changes from one type of vacuum process method to another, with locations to handle up to five sources, with three sputter guns. The geometry also incorporates a large bay to allow for custom source development/experimentation. The system incorporates a variety of features to address concerns of defect generation, particle generation, and contamination. This system is used for a variety of materials and processes. First, metals and ITO thin films will be sputter deposited. Thin film metal deposition will allow ready qualification of the coater. Further, metals such as aluminum are readily etched with wet chemicals, and will be used to develop the lithography patterning process, and enable some early passive circuitry development. Sputtered ITO is a well established thin film process required for most display applications and must be developed on "soft" substrate materials. Finally, thin film silicon is intended for use in development of thin film transistors with silicon-based dielectrics ubiquitous in both s thin film electronics and optical coatings.