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Technology Support Services Offers Mobile LabFind App for Public Computing Lab Availability

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To help find available computers in our open public computing areas, we are now offering LabFind (available in your App Store) a new mobile app that is part of our LiveMaps Real-Time Computer Availability software.

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You can use LabFind (available in your app store) to get directions to available computers in real-time, find specialized software and discover additional resources like printers and scanners. Go here for the web online lab directory.

These open areas are now available through the app:

Academic A G14
Bartle Library Information Commons
Bartle Library Mezzanine
C4 Success Center
College In the Woods Library
Hinman Success Center
Library North G102
Library North G103
Residential - Brandywine - BW-108
Residential - Hillside Game Room
Residential - Mtn View - Hunter
Residential - Mtn View - Windham
Science Library Information Commons
University Downtown Center Information Commons
Science 3 West Pod Front Room

This iOS and Android LABFIND app is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.