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Real Time Computing Lab and Classroom Computer Usage and Activity

Welcome to Binghamton University ITS LiveMaps detailing computer usage in all of the Public Labs and Classrooms.

To search for available software applications available in the Public Computing Labs, click on the lab you want below, then click on the "software availability" link.


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Academic A

Bartle Library
Information Commons  • MezzanineGrad Lab

Science Library
Information Commons

Science 3
West Pod Front Room Science 3 G13A
West Pod Classroom Science 3 G13C

Library North

University Downtown Center
Information CommonsUDC123UDC328

Specialty Labs:
Theater Department Lab - FA149

Residential Satellite Labs:
Brandywine - 108
C4 - 101
College in the Woods - 107
Hillside - Gameroom
Hinman Library
Mountain View - Hunter
Mountain View - Windham

Live Maps shows computer usage and activity in real time.